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Jungle Dwellers


We all agree that charity begins at home. That has been realized at Jungle Dwellers. The company has done many projects for the locals, and you al can rest assured that the same momentum will be retained.

The corporate social responsibility of Jungle Dwellers has impacted many lives, and testimonials are endless. Jungle Dwellers:

  • Employs locals who are the breadwinners of their respective families. The company is locally owned, and locals are the fibre that holds the company.
  • Undertakes charity visits to children’s home and orphanage. On offer are food items, clothes and obviously motivational speaking to mentor these important souls.
  • The company also gets involved in community projects such as clean up exercises in a bid to ensure our environment is preserved and nurtured.
  • Occasionally, the company sends its members to fundraising events in the local area to support them financially. The company believes in sharing and being kind to all that was placed in the universe.

These are some of the things that the company engages in for sustainability.

Charity begins at Home!